Hold My Beer Mud Ranch

Race Rules for all classes

  1. Drivers’ Meeting is mandatory for all drivers and will be at 11:30am.
  2. Registration will be 8am to 11am. No registrations will be accepted after 11am for the races, however, the Grudge Match is open to everyone.
  3. No drivers under the age of 18 are allowed.
  4. Seat belts or restraint systems are mandatory.
  5. Vehicle must pass inspection for the class it is registered for.
  6. Must have working brake system.
  7. No backing up in the pits.
  8. Driver must be ready to run when called to the line. If a driver is set and ready, his/her competitor has five minutes to get on-line or will be disqualified.
  9. If a vehicle has mechanical issue, please notify staff immediately to adjust.
  10. If any driver appears to be too impaired to safely race, APEX staff will not allow that driver to race.
  11. Please watch your speed when returning to the staging area.
  12. All vehicle must have hitch or tow point on rear of the vehicle.
  13. No riding the side of the pits.
  14. ABSOLUTELY no fighting – you will be disqualified and asked to leave the event.
  15. Please respect all racers and staff. We are here to have fun.
  16. APEX and HMB staff will have final say on any issues.
  17. Judges have the right to change rules due to pit conditions, numbers or racers and time. Rules and changes will be announced prior to the race.
  18. During the Grudge matches, please remember to have fun and respect your opponent.

Please Note:

These are ONLY our race rules.
Please checkout our PARK rules as well.
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